Fear & Uncertainty Management By Vatsal Shah


About Session

Business owners & Individual’s success is defined by how good they are in managing their fears and uncertainty. Their choices and decisions decide their future goals.

Here, Vatsal would like to address on how one can conquer own fears. How one can manage their fears in effective manner. It will be more of experience sharing and idea discussing session which pushes owners / Individual to think.

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Making Money With WordPress By Ajit Bohra


About Session

Today WordPress powers 28% of the web. WordPress can help you kickstart with your website or idea in few minutes. It’s not just DIY that attracts people but various business prospects surrounding WordPress. The wide ecosystem of WordPress provides you with the opportunity to contribute, learn & earn. Do not worry if your not a coder or good with technical stuff, there are plenty of things for non-tech & creative people.

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Gen X Web Hosting is our Mohanthal (Silver) Sponsor


The whole WordCamp Ahmedabad Team is grateful to Gen X Web Hosting for contributing to this WordCamp by being a Mohanthal (Silver) Sponsor.

Gen X Web Hosting a leading Web Hosting Company providing Domain Registrations across all the world’s top domain names (.com, .info, .pro .shiksha and many more); we provide extremely reliable and high end hosting services, VPS & Dedicated Servers at the most amazing and affordable prices.

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Life without Open-Source By Hardeep Asrani


About Session

Open-source has a major impact on our lives, from small things to big. You know… the ATM you’re using daily for routine payments, the mobile phone you can’t leave aside for at least 5 minutes, the web browser you’re opening to read this now; all of them flourished because we worked together for a common purpose. They ease your existence more than you realize.

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Book your seats for Contributor’s Day at WordCamp Ahmedabad

Book your seats for Contributor's Day at WordCamp Ahmedabad

Contribution Day is an important part of any WordCamp nowadays. Day-3 will be the contribution day at WordCamp Ahmedabad on 08th October 2017. We are glad to open the registration for the contribution day. Make sure to register for the contribution day and seal your seat to enjoy the exciting contribution activities at the event.

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Pursuing Perfection in an Evolving WordPress Ecosystem By Devin Walker


About Session

Every pixel matters. Every word counts. Each function is efficient. Paying attention to detail makes for a better experience in all aspects of WordPress. From design and development, to content writing and marketing, the more attention you pay to the details of a project, the more professional the end result will become.

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AMPPS is our Mohanthal (Silver) Sponsor


The whole WordCamp Ahmedabad Team is grateful to AMPPS for contributing to this WordCamp by being a Mohanthal (Silver) Sponsor.

AMPPS is a WAMP / LAMP / MAMP stack which helps you deploy WordPress on your Desktop and also publish it to your website. AMPPS enables you to focus more on using WordPress rather than maintaining it. It comes with Softaculous inbuilt so you can install WordPress by the click of a button. On top of that you can choose between various PHP, MySQL, Apache versions. AMPPS also auto updates WordPress when a new release is launched. You can also manage local domains on your Desktop.

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