Book your seats for Contributor’s Day at WordCamp Ahmedabad

Book your seats for Contributor's Day at WordCamp Ahmedabad

Contribution Day is an important part of any WordCamp nowadays. Day-3 will be the contribution day at WordCamp Ahmedabad on 08th October 2017. We are glad to open the registration for the contribution day. Make sure to register for the contribution day and seal your seat to enjoy the exciting contribution activities at the event.

There is less than a month left to WordCamp Ahmedabad now. I hope you all have booked your tickets for both the days. If not make it quick. Very few tickets are left for the day 1 and tickets for day 2 are already sold out.

Those who are frequently attending WordCamps and have participated in the contribution knows how contributor’s day is scheduled. But for those who don’t know about it, it is a day where you enjoy the tracks and workshops by the industry experts and if you wish you can also contribute to one of the WordPress contribution channels.

We will be contributing in different channels like:

  • Core
  • Polyglots
  • TV
  • Meta
  • Theme Review
  • Support
  • Community

Contributor day will take place on 08th October 2017 at the WordCamp Ahmedabad venue (L J Campus). The day will start with the registration process at 11:00 AM followed by different workshops and technical talks. There are very limited seats reserved for the contribution day. So, make sure to register for it at the earliest. We recommend you bring your laptop if you wish to actively participate in the contribution. Make sure that you have created an account on and WordPress Slack.

There are very few days left in the event. Take care of yourself and get ready for one of the best WordCamp experiences.


Ticket Number Day1/Day2 can be found in email or SMS of Day1/Day2 Registration.

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