Guess who is joining WapuuBha for #WCAhmedabad – WapuuBa

Surprise!! Guess who is joining our own WapuuBha for the #WCAhmedabad? The festival of Navratrai just few weeks away and WapuuBha has found his dancing partner. We are very excited to introduce with WapuuBha’s bubbly dancing parner ‘WapuuBa’. She just love dancing and having fun. Say hello the cutest wapuu ever. WapuuBha’s lovely dancing partner: ‘WapuuBa’ 🙂

WapuuBa is saying: “વહેલા વહેલા આવજો… ખાઈ પી ને જલસા કરજો…” (Come early and depart with knowledge, Food & Fun!!)

Idea and Inspiration for WapuuBa?

WordCamp Ahmedabad is approaching shortly and we are left with less than a month in between now. The preparations of all our volunteers is also going to the higher level of excitement day by day !! With the same feeling and excitement, we are happy to inform you all that from next month onwards, some of the most awaiting festivals like Navratri (that we talked about in WapuuBha) & Dashera will also start. Being Amdavadis, we are festival lovers. Each festival has different flavour over here. And especially for Navratri, it is the most loved festival across the globe by Gujju people. Being an Amdavadi, we celebrate it with all our devotion, passion and love. The Navratri festival is the inspiration for both our WordCamp Wapuus …. a Bubbly WapuuBa as well as Sweet WapuuBha.

As WordCamp Ahmedabad is just a week after the Navratri, we decided to create another character as WapuuBa with the same inspiration of Navratri. We have created WapuuBa in the gorgeous traditional Garba costume. Our design team came up with lots of creative ideas for WapuuBa in colourful Garba costume and styles and on the basis of this we started our brainstorming with sketching the WapuuBa in a colourful traditional Chaniya Choli & Garba as well as in Chaniya Choli & Dandiya.

Then, we converted those initial sketches into the initial vector version by filling the colors to the sketches. We also tried to match our design of WapuuBa to the WapuuBha design in kediyu ( Navratri costume for boys ). All the designs are really cute and beautiful.

We discussed a lot about the which version of WapuBa to select based on Chaniya Choli and Dandiya. Finally we voted and decided to go with WapuuBa with blue Chaniya Choli and holding Dandiya in hands. As it resembles to the traditional dress & style of Navratri Dandiya Rass.

The next thing was the name selection, it was a bit clear and after some research we decided to put it WapuuBa.

After all our creativity and brainstorming done, we are truly excited to introduce both our WapuuBa and WapuuBha of WordCamp Ahmedabad. Both the characters resembles our culture of the state of Gujrat. They are ready to rock during the Navratri and much excited to see you all at WordCamp Ahmedabad.

We warmly welcome you to come to WordCamp Ahmedabad and with this amazing festival of knowledge, enjoy the magnificent tradition of navratri culture with us and of course with our bubbly WapuuBa and sweet WapuuBha.

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