Making of the WordCamp Ahmedabad Logo

Making of WCAhmedabad Logo

You can see many colors of the City if you roam around the city Ahmedabad for the whole day. It is considered as one of the fastest growing and high-tech metro cities of India. Most of the people know Ahmedabad for the same. But, it is a city that represents the ancient Indian culture from the 14th century and has many historical monuments and architecture. We were looking to add the same feel in the WordCamp Ahmedabad Logo.

We wanted to make the logo that stands apart and represent the true spirit of Ahmedabad. WordCamp is happening for the first time in Ahmedabad, so we were keen to make the logo that looks awesome. We started looking for the inspiration around the streets of Ahmedabad. We got together and started discussing the places or the things that define the city. We were just amazed to find out the number of iconic places and stuff about Ahmedabad that you will never find anywhere else. There are places like Kankaria Lake, Sabarmati Ashram, Sidi Saiyyed’s Mosque, Bhadra Fort, IIM (Indian Institute of Management), Patang Hotel, Manek Chowk, Jumma Masjid, Lal Darvaja and the list goes on…

After hours of discussion and arguments, all agreed to take the Sidi Saiyyed’s Mosque as an inspiration for the WordCamp Ahmedabad logo. Sidi Saiyyed’s Mosque majorly known as the Sidi Saiyyed ni Jaali is one of the most famous mosques in the Ahmedabad. It is situated in the old city Ahmedabad and was built in 1573. The Mosque is famous for beautifully carved ten stone latticework windows (jalis) on the side and rear arches. We have researched a lot about the design inspiration that we have decided to give a new look to our Local WordPress meetup group a new logo.

We have designed several sketches for the logo. The designers were incredibly creative, to sum up, the Ahmedabad’s iconic Sidi Saiyyed Mosque and the WordCamp initiative. We have selected the best one among the options.


The next step was converting the sketches into the digital mockups. We have converted the sketches into the vector files to easily check with different fonts, shades, and colors.

2-vecto version

We have created several versions of the logos before deciding the final logo for the WordCamp Ahmedabad 2017.

Final Logo

Now when the logo design is finalized, we made sure to use the perfect colors for the logo. We have defined the specific font (Nyala) and color library for the logo.



We have also taken the reviews from the internal teammates and friends before officially putting the Logo on board. Everyone liked the logo and we feel proud of the efforts team has put on designing the logo. We appreciate and heartily thank all who voluntarily joined for designing the amazing logo for WordCamp Ahmedabad.

We are giving the final look to our official mascot ‘Wapuu Bha…’ Stay Tuned!!

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