Pursuing Perfection in an Evolving WordPress Ecosystem By Devin Walker


About Session

Every pixel matters. Every word counts. Each function is efficient. Paying attention to detail makes for a better experience in all aspects of WordPress. From design and development, to content writing and marketing, the more attention you pay to the details of a project, the more professional the end result will become.

WordPress gives its users the power to create almost any website with limited knowledge and the click of a mouse. All too often, brands are created with little thought and products are rushed through to production with a lackluster result. With the proliferation of page builders, 40,000+ plugins, and an unending supply of themes, it’s easy to fall into this trap.

In this session, you will learn why it’s better to move slower and focus on the details by working smarter from the beginning. One typo, one broken image, and one 404 error can ruin an entire web experience. Learn the tactics professionals employ to create truly impactful experiences that directly impact how your users view your brand and ultimately, add to your bottomline.

Speaker Information

Devin Walker is the creator of several highly rated and award winning WordPress plugins. His work is actively being used by hundreds of thousands of websites and has been featured in Product Hunt, WP Tavern, Torque, and several other widely regarded online publications.

As an advocate for open source, Walker has given back extensively to the WordPress community in the form of code contributions, WordCamp and Meetup organization and speaking efforts, and fostering and supporting popular online groups like Advanced WordPress (AWP) and WordPress for Nonprofits.

As a business owner, Walker founded his WordPress company WordImpress and has grown it to a team of more than 10-employees within two years of incorporation. Popular plugins include GiveWP, the top-rated donation and fundraising platform for WordPress, WP Rollback, Google Maps Builder, Yelp Widget Pro and WooCommerce Quick Checkout. In total, his plugins on WordPress.org have been downloaded more than one million times and have accumulated more than three hundred and fifty 5-star reviews.

Outside of work, Devin enjoys traveling the world, going to concerts, and a leisurely round of golf.

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